Thursday, October 01, 2015

31 Days with an Interior Designer

Hi!  I am thrilled that you have stopped by!  I began blogging on this blog September 14, 2006 !  To date, we have had 43361 page views!  Since, I began a business blog, Decorating for the Senses, blogging photos of my work as it has unfolded.

I was a pastor/evangelist wife for 40 years marrying at 21.  Long story, I am happy to have my distinct identity now as an Interior Designer, recently completing college for interior design and starting my business in the process.  Love what I do!

Again this year, we have taken the challenge along with many other bloggers.  So many topics to write about yet, I personally thought it would be more interesting to keep it fresh and let the 31 days dictate our post.  Thanks for stopping by. 

You are welcomed to view last October's 31 Days of Writing while waiting for this month's to unfold.

Follow the links below for each day's post.

#my home

Since our days are consumed by interior design, we thought it may be interesting to know some of the things that make up our days.  Sometimes home stuff, church leadership things and clients that keeps every design interesting and diverse.

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Day Two:  My First Skimming Job & Staghorn
Day 3:  Happy Birthday to my Big "little" Sister
Day 4:  Give Me Your Inspiration
Day 5:  Inch by Inch Anything is a Cinch
Day 6:  Honoring my sister, Judy on her birthday
Day 7:  Everything Needs a Home
Day 8:  Super Tired
Day 9:  It's Never Too Late
Day 10:  Fall Fest
Day 11:  Clean Out The Ashes
Day 12:  Nothing Like an Inward Cleansing
Day 13:  Berry, Don't Be Afraid
Day 14:  Sarah's House One
Day 15:  French Kitchen Deco
Day 16 & 17:  Galveston & Meme Time
Day 18:  Top Five Basics To Own
Day19:  Decorating for the SENSES
Day 20:  Tiny Peak/Houston
Day 21:  A Good Day
Day 22:  Recovery
Day 23 - 26:  Busy
Day 27:  Tweak
Day 28:  Rebublican Debate, Rockets and Awesome Church
Day 29:  Window Treatment Install
Day 30:  I've Almost Made It, Challenge Accepted
Day 31:  My 1967 Red Letter Day

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