Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Day Four: Learning to Relax

I have a secret love affair for coffee cups.  They seem to speak to me right off the shelves of my favorite stores.  Why? I think it is partly because it is a way to express my day, my mood and my taste.  It also it a big part of my routine of relaxing moments in my day.  A cup of a perfectly made cup of coffee is high on the list of the interpretation of
R E L A X.

Ahhh.  I look forward to smelling my way to the coffee pot each morning.  I am very spoiled with a hubby that is an early riser and enjoys his quiet mornings and gets his day kicked off with coffee and his personal time of prayer.

I am personally a night owl and enjoy my solitude at night when all is calm, I reflect on my day, plan for tomorrow and just "chill" from my day.  I feel I also set my next day in motion by being mentally and physically prepared the night before.  Otherwise, I can not sleep knowing I have too many things on my plate waiting to be done.  The truth is, my brain functions best at night.  In the mornings it just takes some time to uncloud my thinking and get all the gears going at one time.  Having bags packed, clothes ready, anything printed, emails answered, etc. etc. calms me and even if I am not 100% when my feet hit the floor, it is all ok because I already have my path cleared.

Just so you know, this is a best case scenario.  Grant it, I have my sluggish times and do not always hit the mark.  One thing age does, if you work on your life, in time, you begin to have some good habits in place.  There are still some new habits and goals that, fingers crossed, I will keep moving closer to.

Relaxing is actually hard for me and I have been working to get better at it.  I am by nature a pretty high strung person thinking I can't do anything without going 90 to nothing.

I remember always getting my kids from point A to point B with "hurry", always in a rush.  But, why??  Actually funny now when I think of it.  Poor little children.  lol

If you are like me, I'm sure you have a few things you do to slow down.  Here are a few of mine I do to slow down, tell myself that it is ok to relax, do nothing, lay the to do list aside and take a break. Even if everything is not perfectly in order before doing so.  If you live with people and have a home, it is an endless job keeping everything in it's place not counting your job and other responsibilities.

  • Make your cup of coffee a ritual.  Purchase a pretty coffee cup, sit and enjoy that moment. Actually realize you have just enjoyed a cup of coffee.  This is contrary to rush to the kitchen, pour your cup of coffee, run to the bathroom, plug in the curling iron, start multi tasking while occasionally taking a sip of coffee that eventually gets cold or the pet gnat gets to it before you do!  

  • Take some time to get comfy and just think.  Imagine you where you want to be, in a place you want to go, what it feels like to accomplish all you have on your list, listen to that inner voice that may be trying to tell you something.  

  • I like to find good books but I go to Barnes and Noble online and purchase them used at a fraction of the cost.  Trust me, these books are like brand new.  I've never been disappointed. Time spent with a good book is pleasurable.  It can be taken with you to a favorite coffee shop, take to a favorite garden to read or snuggle up with it on a favorite chair.  

  • Asian reflexology massages are very affordable and extremely relaxing.  If you have not tried one, I encourage you to do so.  You relax fully dressed.  They usually do not have all the fluff and fabulous aromas of a regular massage place but very worth the money spent.  I get the 60 minute reflexology.

  • Find your favorite music on Pandora.  It is an online music site and free.  I listen to Edwin Hawkins radio, Loui Armstrong and even French Cafe Radio and many others.  I love music even more since I finally got some great speakers.  Christmas time I am nuts over Christmas music!  I think it makes the season magical.

  • I am somewhat obsessed with the fragrance of a shower gel, Dirty Springwash.  I found at the Galleria after getting as a Christmas door prize at our family Christmas.  Here is the link on Amazon if you would love to try it.  Be sure and use a scrunci for maximum usage.

  • Light a scented candle.  My personal favorite is Trapps Vanilla Orange.  The aroma of a good fragrance candle is very soothing and relaxing and brings a nice atmosphere.  I sometimes reward myself with lighting mine when I get a room all clean. I dim the lights and light a candle. Here's the link.  It also comes in votives for around $3.50.

  • I love to go out to eat especially on Sundays but what restaurant can I wear my slippers, pj's if I want and have my hair stringing down?  So, picking up a good take out and coming home to eat is a good option.  Some of my favorites are Jason's Deli, Panera Bread or Southern Comfort, near our home.
The list can go on and on.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you will think about our little chat and take a moment to be nice to yourself, give yourself permission to relax and live in the moment.

Have a great RELAXING day!