Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Christmas 2014

This was my first year to get our home decorated before Thanksgiving.  Time goes so quickly that I really wanted to get all done so I could offer my services to my clients. I knew December was going to be full.  I just wanted to enjoy this most wonderful time of the year as much as possible.

This year, I used a smaller tree in our dining and used all of our old traditional ornaments.

This is a most treasured ornament as it was one that my mother, sisters and I made years ago when I was a teenager.

We enjoyed a time with our TNT group at the Church Triumphant at a banquet with this group at a local restaurant.

Here is a view of our main living room all ready for the holidays.

The holidays included a staff party at Pastor Jason & Kimberly Sciscoe's Home.
Kimberly Sciscoe is an awesome hostess.  The food always fabulous and our entire staff is a joy to be with.  Here are some great shots of most of everyone there.  There was a contest for the prettiest and the ugliest sweater.

This was Christmas Eve night at the Madden Family get together.  I love this pic because it shows the new beginning of our growing family.  Hannah and Blake are now engaged and Abbey is now with us 2 to 3 times a month and every Thursday evening and other special times.

Laurie drew my name.  This is one of my favorite gifts this year.

At The Church Triumphant we had a beautiful service with drama and music.

The true joy of Christmas is having guest to your home.  This night we hosted a small party with close friends and our pastoral staff.  Results, fabulous!

The season is so busy but Gary and I found a time to go to an interesting spot for lunch one day.  This was a quaint little place we found and enjoyed some quality time together.

Christmas in Houston is really beautiful on Westheimer in the Highland Village area.  Love going here during this time of year especially.

Here is Abbey after her dance recital.  So cute with her Dad.  I rushed like crazy to get to this as I was an hour across Houston on a decor job.  It was super short they said and I missed the entire thing.  Just glad I made it in time to see this sweet girl.

My really sweet and enthusiastic Hannah.  A typical day going to work and college.

LaTayne Gott hosted our music staff party in her home. Hannah and I enjoyed being a part of this group and the party.  Fun party.

Abbey and I went shopping one day during the Christmas season.  Look who we saw.  LOL

Our day to make Christmas cookies.

We heard the famous ELSA from Frozen was going to be at a resturant right here near our home.  Abbey was so excited to see her.

 While waiting to see her.

Christmas Eve night at the Madden Family get together.  Hosted by Dianne Madden Del Sol and Lobo at the Cream of the Crop Learning Center.

Here is the dish I took for my contribution to the party.

Lobo shared pics of their COTC staff party.  He was dressed as Santa and took them to a fun place to paint and have lunch together.

Ready for Christmas Day at our home with our little family.

Looking for Hannah's mystery gift to Blake.

Abbey always requesting for Papa to read to her from the "coffee" book.  It has a pic of a cup of coffee but is a daily reading of a Joel Osteen book.

I love this memory of Aaron, Gary and me going over to Blake's home where he and Hannah made up cookies, apple cider, had Christmas music in the garage as they were decorating the outdoors.

Christmas evening we are heading to Alexandria, Louisiana to be with my family for our family party.  This is the Fred Hartman Bridge.

My Mother's Home, always fresh and beautiful.

My brother and his wife, Missy and family.

and more... our house