Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pretty In Pink Birthday Party

Abigail Summer Madden
3 Years Old
May 17, 2014

at MeMe & Papa's House
Eleven A.M.

We are super excited to be celebrating Abbey's first party with us on her very special 3rd birthday!  What a blessing and answer to prayers to have Abbey in our lives again.  This birthday marks a very special birthday as it now allows Abbey to stay "over night" with her Daddy and our entire family!

A light lunch will be served and birthday cake.

Please r.s.v.p.  This is only a family event as we are so thankful for our large family.  We are hoping some of my family will also be able to come.

Here are a few things for ideas for the birthday girl:
P.J.'s, play clothes, church clothes but she only gets to go every other week,
sizes:  3 or 4 T, shoes, size 7.
We do not have a bathing suit for her yet.  Outdoor toys.  Back pack.
Pillow, comb and brush, Hair accessories.

Thank you for coming.