Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Day Nine: Time With Abigail Summer Madden

Abbey's favorite thing to do with me is to go to the mall.  She has a lot of favorite memories of going to Baybrook Mall.  Little kids just like routine and love repeating the same favorite places we have made memories from.

Here are a few of her favorites:

Build A Bear.  Now I will tell you that she has only purchased one animal from this place, but, we have given her money to purchase new items for this animal on most shopping trips.  Today, her plan was to buy shoes as she did not have a pair for her build a bear dog.  

Then to her favorite candy store, the new one by the outdoor area that sells candy by the pound.  The good thing about this place is I can encourage her to get just a few of her favorites, even just one of each kind to not spend an arm and a leg and avoid too much sugar.  Even at that it was 4 bucks. (That's with MeMe getting one gumdrop and about 5 candy corns) : )

We spent a little time in Anthropology then to somewhere to eat lunch.   Then, gasp!  Abbey looks down to find her puppy only had ONE shoe!  We rushed back following our path and thankfully the sales person in Anthropology had found it.

Wanting to avoid the same eating spots at Baybrook, we crossed the street and decided to try a place I had never been to, Zoe's kitchen.  The photos did not look very kid friendly and honestly it did not look too appetizing to me either.  To avoid getting back in car, we took a short walk to Outback Steakhouse and decided to share an adult size hamburger.  Bingo!  This place was a great choice.  Abbey loved their coloring sheet, the large booth area, we got water with lemons and the complimentary bread and butter was a fabulous hit for both of us.  Abbey decided this was her new favorite place.  The hamburger was so big she could hardly get her little mouth opened enough to take a bite.  We opted for a baked sweet potato and it was also really good.

One more stop to Home Goods for me to check on a client purchase then to HEB and home.

Our day finished out with a new contact via a realtor and new appointment made and a super nice email from a new client we just started working with.

I am glad you stopped over to our blog.  We are looking forward to our work week as we had a long weekend with Columbus Day.  I hope you had an eventful weekend also.