Thursday, October 06, 2016

Day Five: Something is not right

 I was super excited to have just painted some accent walls in my living room and styling it.  But ....  I could not get over the feeling:  "Something is not right".  I thought of a favorite story in my daughter's library as a little girl, Miss Clevel in Madeline.

There was some sort of disconnect.  As a designer, I love when I step back and say "it is good" that I got it right.

It really makes me think of Genesis 1 in the bible when the writer writes that after God's creation  over and over it says and God saw it was good or and it was good.  I just know when it is right and I just want to celebrate the "it is good".

I thought you may enjoy my labor of working in my living room today and see the difference.  It looked good in the beginning but I think you will see with a bit of fine tuning, it indeed came together.

I am considering a larger rug but until I find the right one, this one is going to do.  I decided this space plan would suit the needs for my husband and me.  With just a few minor adjustments I can be party ready to accommodate a larger crowd in no time.

Let's go back.  Here is an instagram pic when I still had my old sofa.  Just a little look at how it was back then.

And, this was some time back when I got my new sofa.  Photo borrowed from Instagram.  I really loved this rug but it was 100% cotton ( I knew better) and got very dirty fast.

I found myself drawn to a certain green color and would see it mixed with the color of my sofa.  One day I walked into Baybrook Mall's new Arhaus and there it was, the perfect green.  I contacted the manager and got the exact color the designer used.

Sherwin Williams | Relentless Olive

Thankfully, I had my helper to help me kick off the project.

All done and all back in place but I could not put my finger on it, but it just was not right.
I felt it was too busy, too disjointed and not the right flow.

Here is my final finished room.

I'll walk you through it.

I quietened the color and honed in a simple scheme of green and white.

The matching tables have helped me get some symmetry into the room.  I treated the second table in similar colors, green and white.

It just smoothed out the background and brought the focal point back to the sofa.

Thankfully, browsing shops at Baybrook this week, I found a steal of a deal:  these white flowers at Z Gallerie, normally 17.99 each for 1.50!

I left my niche the same.  I do really love the blue and white vases an
 the art colors are perfect for fall.

I simplified the lettering on the black board.

This is a favorite piece.  I found this frame on the side of the road!!  I removed the broken mirror and replaced it with a home made chalk board.  ♥

Just before entering my living room is an area that opens up from the entry.
So nice when you get a fresh look.

Across from this area is my gallery wall.  We added a few fresh touches there also.

I decided to showcase a photo that I sent to my son 10 years ago when he was in boot camp.
The caption was, this is how you most likely remember us most.
Drinking morning coffee.  Hannah, 10 years old, took the photo.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Leave a comment please.
Great Day ♥♥♥

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