Friday, October 27, 2017

Day 27: Oh Happy Day!

Where else can you find 2 people equally excited to find a big autumn leave and find it photo worthy but in Houston?  This large leave blew in the door when I came in this shop, Posh Life.  I loved it and felt it just added to the atmosphere of the day.  When the sales person followed me to the door, she picked it up to admire it and I snapped a pic.

Love, love, loving this weather!  Had to pull out a sweater wrap although I did not actually use it but it sure looked cute.  lol  

I convinced Gary to go with me to a trip to Montrose area then have lunch at Le Peep in University Village.  I was so happy to find Posh Life offering to the trade prices I can add to my vendor list for clients.  I will share some of my favs.

Fall in Houston!

Awesome Art!

So LOVE this art piece!!  Someone, please, lets design an entire room with this piece of art!

Have a great weekend!!  Don't Forget the World Market, 1030 Strawberry Road, Pasadena, Texas  beginning 12:00 tomorrow!


Day 27: Sad News and Some Good News

The good news is we are staged and ready for this weekend's event.  You are so invited to come and enjoy (especially) food from around the world.  We personally will have new dishes each day, 2 of them are actually authentic Indian foods.  I am so anxious to smell the aromas and taste the curry and Indian spices.  The fellowship hall was booming tonight and a lot of excitement is happening to put the final touches on our countries we are all representing.

The sad news is my 87 year old mother fell in the back yard as she loves to work in her yard, keeping it perfect.  Her right upper arm joint is broken and they are not wanting to operate and fix it as it would be risky for her age.  It is not a simple fracture.  Please pray for her to get a healing or for the doctors to have wisdom and help her in the way that is best for her.  It's going to be hard on her as she stays very active.

Today I got out my sewing machine.  I am surprised I even remembered how to thread it and I noticed seeing the hole for threading the needle just keeps getting more bleak!  : /  But all in all I am pretty proud of myself for a pretty much well done project making 3 of the 6 pillows that will be for sale out the India Market.  We're sharing some photos.  So, START SHOPPING!!

I just ran out of my awesome smelling hair conditioner and now will also try the shampoo.  Have you tried this product?  The scent is wonderful!

Consider this your invitation to the Saturday and Sunday event at the Church Triumphant.  The details are in the flier I am posting tonight.

Thank you Beverly Seale, floral designer and very talented lady for working with me on everything!!

Good Night!!