Thursday, September 14, 2006

Now that I have traveled a lot of roads and covered many many miles behind me, I feel it is my God given duty to share some of the things I have learned in life. I am really a very deeply spiritual person possesing a strong relationship with God.

I have been comitted to "kingdom work" since marrying my preacher husband, March 1974. We have always answered the call even though it meant learning to survive on very little and making life it's fullest on a shoestring. Through my God-given creative abilities, I am going to share many ideas that have made my life full.

One of my passions that has become a hobby is organizing things around me. I love books on organizing. I faced my ultimate test when we lived two years in first a motor home then, on to a travel trailer full time on the road with two children.

I am a product of a family of many great talents and together we make up an ecclectic team with many creative genes! I think it will be interesting to you to get some insight in a life of someone who is passionate, has made a quest to keep a balanced life; balancing church work, children, a husband, jobs and personal development.