Sunday, October 29, 2017

Day 29: Cypress, Texas

This month!!  It's almost gone.  Now after this Tuesday it always feels like a land slide to Christmas. 

I normally do not like to take jobs for Christmas decor but this year I have had 2 request that I hope to allow and hope it brings some cheer to others.

I love decorating my own home and giving my talents and love this time of year to my family and close friends.  Nothing warms the home any more than family and friends in your home and reminisce all the good things of the whole year.

Today, my husband was asked to speak in Cypress, Texas at Life Family Church.  This is a church that I helped design from the ground up choosing all flooring, paint, lighting and decor plans.  We will be helping them again this year with some details in an area or two.  I have to say, sitting in pastor's office before the service, the colors were so pretty and even though the budget has not allowed them to do the finishing touches of styling with comfy seating in the entry and vignettes, it is still a very pretty facility.  We were so happy to have helped birth this dream for them.

Tonight, I restyled my living room.  I feel so much better when my own spaces are fresh. 

I did not get to see that little Jack today but I will share a favorite pic from Hannah's Facebook wall.

This week we kick off with contractor Sam Frank, a project we are doing all of the interior design work for.  

Then, later in the week we will meet with a brand new client for a whole house renovation styling.

 Pastor Joseph Camarillo, Life Family Church

In love their clean and modern approach.  Their aesthetics are modern industrial with classic.

And now a little peak at Jack Louis.  He's such a little cutey!

Have a blessed, safe week!