Saturday, October 21, 2017

Day 21: A Working Saturday

Astros are on the minds of Houstonians, at least those we hear screaming joyfully in the back grounds of our lives.  Aaron, coming in from outside even can hear fans watching the game in their garage man caves.  Winning is a great feeling even for fans.  Me: waiting to watch a recorded version of the Houston Rockets.

Gotta say, I think we indeed hit a "home run" today with our clients' love for our selections for their Harvey damaged home.  Already on the mend by Old Crow Renovations with construction and demo already cleared out, we are moving in with the beauty.  This couple is expecting their 2nd child and is now so excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I can hardly wait to see the end results.

While passing 1960, stopped off and found 2 end tables for our patio project. High five!

While on I45, we headed down to Clear Lake Regional to see a sweet lady in our Heartstrings Ministry Ladies Group.  I am not good at hospital visits, but after being in the hospital myself this past Spring, I have a new appreciation for someone stopping by even if its just a brief time, which is preferred.

Dinner tonight for my cravings for Italian cuisine at Olive Garden.

Now, moving on to an important project, clearing my schedule next week for World Market happening next week end.

A little happy spot in my day... yes! we were right!  We now have a new Starbucks about 5 minutes from us on Fairmont Parkway.

Not pictured, Duke and Bella, the boxer and the lab

Have a Great Night and Tomorrow!