Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Crossing Over

There is a peace, a calmness, a sense of nostalgia, and a thankfulness sweeping over me the last few days.  How long have we talked about breakthroughs, dreams that really will someday come true?  I just know I am on the threshold of something really big that God is birthing in our lives this very day.  I can just see a small crack in the walls of poverty, wilderness living and the flood gates that are beginning to open is causing this old life to be only a memory.

Pastor Sciscoe preached the story of Gideon.  The enemy came in year after year and destroyed, stole all of the crops they had planted.  Each time this happened, Gideon and his family retreated.  They actually became very good at living large on little.

When Kimberly Sciscoe, wife of Pastor Jason Sciscoe of  The Church Triumphant asked me to speak to the ladies, I threw out some subject matters I knew well and knew I could relate to the women of our congregation, one of which was "Living Large On Little".  This one leaped out to her as she knew it could bless many.  I somewhat cringed as I allowed myself to open up and share how well I, like Gideon got really good at living on little.  What I really wanted to share is how to become greatly blessed with abundance in every area of your life.

I do not ever want to forget my years of ministry, my struggles, my living large on little and never forget to reach to those who have not had their break yet.

In decorating, I have learned that the things you surround yourself with define the person you are.  When we examine those things around us sometimes they say tired, "my old life", so so, cheap, and so on.  I look around me and see wilderness life and making my home beautiful on very little. But, if I were to give my main living space a song, it would be "To God Be The Glory" for the things He has done.

In spite of the wilderness journey, the thing that makes my life wonderful is the thing that money can not buy. I have had time to spend with my 2 wonderful children God so graciously blessed us with, my wonderful husband, be a keeper of my own home, and to be able to bask in the wonderful presence of Him that makes a house a home.

At "Because of the Times" minister's conference this year, in January, we were on a 21 day Daniel's fast.  We had 3 major areas that we were seeking God for the answers.  During one of the mighty moves of God in the last night service, a young minister came down from the balcony.  In our area, there were wonderful break throughs all around us and crowds of people praying.  He told us he looked down from the balcony and saw an angel standing there.  He told his wife, we must go down and see what is happening.  When he got down, the crowd had cleared and there was just Gary and me sitting there.  He said he felt this was an angel of strength.  He told Gary, I want to give you my number because something really big is about to happen in your life, and, when it does, I want to know about it.

So here we are, almost 5 months later.  Surely God has strengthened us and kept our faith to know He IS working ALL THINGS out for us.  Isn't that just like God?  HE knew the wait was a little longer, and He sent strength through an angel to help us make it through!

So, as I begin to shed these old garments and move forward toward my victory, I will thank the Lord for ALL He has done.  This song I declare will always be a true part of my foundation:

" Let my eyes grown dim, Let my tongue silent be, But dont' let me forget what the Lord has done for me!  Let my friends all fail, Let my future pale, But don't let me forget what the Lord has done for me! "