Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day 30: I've Almost Made It, Challenge Accepted

Wow, committing to 31 days of writing and only 2 days left.  Just so you know, I am official.  I have the T shirt to prove it.  LOL  If you would like to enjoy a lot of other bloggers connected with this challenge, you will want to go here and enjoy many other bloggers writing on various subjects of interest.

The close up says: "31 Days every October, every day".  Here is the link to my October 31 days of writing last year.

If no one ever reads this, I actually love going back and seeing what I was doing and the highlights I chose to write about.

This morning started with one of my favorite breakfast, oatmeal, brown sugar, pecans and cream.  So yummy.

Amazing what one little package of flowers can do to brighten a little corner.  These make me think of MawMaw Thompson, my hubby's grandmother.  I always remembered she loved planting lots of jumbo pansies every year.

So this morning when I opened up to Facebook, I saw this beautiful face.  : )
This is Hannah for her day of work.  How pretty is this?  I can't believe she did this 
herself.  I miss all the years we had so much fun getting her dressed for 
dress up parties.  She is very happy now all grown up and married.

Six years ago today, my Dad in law passed away after a long battle from a major vehicle accident.  We know he is in a good place.  He is so missed.  Love you, Dad.

The roar of thunder is outside.  Another day ending.  One day left of this month, then we must begin to deliberately think every day of the many things we have to be thankful for. Here is a quote I recently saw.  It really is so true.

100% positively true.  I challenge you to try this!!!  Even in my hardest days, when I began to train myself to focus on the good in my days, that is when my life changed.  I literally find myself laughing at myself now days, and so focused on what is good in a day I completely overlook things that can make it bad.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Good night, friends.