Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Day 18: Flooring, Shopping and Cupcakes

Priority of the day was locating flooring.  Once checked off of my list, I can complete my design plan with fine tuning color selections.  So, check!  Tomorrow we put the entire plan into motion for a fabulous ending and prep for a Saturday presentation.

Next, 2 outdoor rugs needed.  I was happy to find both of them in one trip!  I also lucked up on some other great finds I needed for both jobs.

Tonight's early evening appointment was a little treat as we met at a nearby "Something Sweet" bakery while the client's son was in practice at a near by field.  While enjoying a great strawberry cupcake, we had a great presentation with both husband and wife with our design plan for them.  I love when I can get both husband and wife on board as in the end, they are both indeed a part of the decision making.  I do believe we hit a home run.  : )

Church tonight and now a look at the Rockets first game taped with my hubby.  

Thanks for stopping by.

Mood board starting for patio design.

One of the flavors I saw today at Something Sweet.

Thank you Something Sweet for allowing us to meet in your seating areas.