Thursday, October 30, 2014

It can start with the first line of a pencil.

Day 29:

Working on a slideshow presentation for college, my designer was to be on Eero Saarinen.  I only thought of him as designing the womb chair, pedestal table and the tulip chair.  Wow, little did I know what a great designer this man was!

I think the thing that has impressed me most was it all seemed to have started with a dream, a desire, then it went to a very simple sketch.  But then, how did he do it??  It became a great reality and his architectural skills was out of this world.

Here are a few buildings you would know in our modern day that Saarinen designed:  IBM, JFK Airport, the John Deere Company, CBS Broadcasting Station.

Below you will see his famous modern furniture designs and then a simple sketch that became to me his most dramatic building, the Dulles International Airport Terminal Building.

This is an actual sketch by Saarinen when creating the tulip chair and the pedestal table.

Here is a modern day design that we still produce today from this works.

This one is really neat!  A dream, a vision, just putting some thoughts on paper and then...
it became a reality!

The Dulles International Airport Terminal Building 1958 - 1962.
He did not want to design an ordinary airport.  He wanted one with more runways and to build an underground Airport Train System and stations.

Amazing when you think about it.

Don't be afraid to dream.  Many great things have been first created on napkins in a restaurant.  You have creative abilities within you!  That's because you are like your Daddy, the one who created you, God Himself, the greatest creator of all.

Start Sketching, writing, and imagine!