Friday, October 14, 2016

Day Thirteen: This Week's Find

I loved studying furniture styles in college.  Of all of the styles, I somehow have been attracted to Mid Century Modern.  I sometimes think it is a little how I describe my own self:  classic, somewhat antique yet modern.  This was indeed the style that reigned when I was a little girl although I don't really have vivid memories of furniture.

I do remember my mother's first sofa in the home my Dad built in the 50's.  It was an aqua modern, clean lines sectional sofa.

I have found some super classic pieces at a steal occasionally.  I have also found a warehouse FULL of this style at top dollar prices!  MCM is actually the craze in the design world with many clients and designers.

This is a Mid Century Modern desk I purchased at a Goodwill for 39.99, used for 2 years and sold for $250.  It was, I think, a Flanders and had the name in the drawer on the side.

This dresser I found on the side of the road in my sister-in-law's neighborhood.  Just happened to be there on our way from a get together.  Still using it until I find something I like better.

Now, drum is my little find this week.  I have wanted a stool in my kitchen.  This is surprisingly comfy and it will be an easy and inexpensive fix to recover and refresh the wood.  

The price was $14.99 but blue tags had a 30% off on the day I purchased.

Now, I get really excited when I buy a piece like this for only ten bucks, do my research and find I indeed got a great deal.  Here are a few comparable items on ebay:

Danish Modern Teak Bar Stools – A Pair


I have been going to an area 2 to 3 times a week that takes me right past a Goodwill store.  I zip in, head straight for the furniture and see if just perhaps there is a "find" waiting for me.  Yesterday was one of those day.

Next, Larry's Trade Days, Winnie, Texas coming up November 12!