Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sharing Rex's Talents, Need PC Help?

I wanted to find a way to help expose my nephew in law's talents.  Just saw on facebook at post he made and could not find a "share" button so we could all get him to more of our friends.  Here is his post.

Hey guys! My customers have been telling me I should add a post about my computer skills, so here goes. 

Since January 2011, I've repaired just about everything imaginable on laptops and desktops--both in homes and offices. My rates are extremely reasonable, so you'll never walk away feeling cheated.

If you're on the east side of Houston, I can come to your place or you can bring your computer to me. So, if you or a friend have a "sick" computer, give me a call at 713-455-9437. Thanks! :-)

By the way....Rex is not so serious as this pic. lol  He has a great smile.