Friday, October 20, 2017

Day 20: My Little Bundle of the Day

Puttering around the house until my little bundle arrived for MeMe to babysit.  I have looked forward to my little Jack Louis to arrive while Mommy had some "me" time.

OMG, can he get any cuter??  I know it's coming from me, but he is one sweet perfect baby.  We got to feed him some baby food and bottles and change some pretty serious diapers. : /

Looking forward to an 11:00 a.m. presentation in Kingwood in the morning.  We completed all of the presentation and ready to roll.  Fingers crossed, they will love it!

Super happy that Kast Fabrics is donating fabric for 6 pillows in any fabric of my choice PLUS down inserts.  We will make these to sell at our upcoming World Marketplace at the Church Triumphant this coming weekend, the 28th and 29th,  If you would like to place your order now for 2 of them, let me know your color preference or send a photo of your space and we will pick a color for you, surprise!  I am thinking of $20. per pillow as custom pillows sell for several hundred dollars and even good ones at stores like ZGallerie sell for $89.  Your thoughts please.  I will show a photo of some of my favorite designs that would go with a lot of people's stuff.

Tonight, Roast, Rice and gravy and spinach.  Just topped it off with a pinnaple/coconut smoothie with a ton of healthy stuff in it. Delish.

Just a worthy note:  Houston Rockets games are starting off extremely exciting.  Playing the most difficult team on their first real game resulted in an EXCITING end with the Rockets winning at the last second of the game.  Last season we were blessed to get free front row court side seats at a New Orleans game, enjoyed with my brother, Kenny and his wife, Missy.

Jack Louis Kennard

This fabric retails for about $60. a yard so someone will get a great deal and, 
every penny will go to missions.

Good Night.