Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 19: Decorating for the SENSES

When I began my business around 2008, I searched and thought and thought of the perfect name I would give my business.  At that time, I did not know for sure which talent would eventually make it's way to the top.  To cover my natural talents in decorating, organizing and entertaining, I came up with the 5 senses.

When I was a Sunday School teacher and also did some training to our teaching staff, I always stressed the importance of touching all 5 senses when presenting a lesson.  It would always make your idea much more memorable. Touching all 5 senses would assure that your student would capture at least one of your examples and retain your big idea for that lesson.

Using the 5 senses in my now decorating business, I love the way it helps me touch my clients needs at each level.

Here are 5 ideas of how you can touch the senses in decor:

The sense of  vision:

Art is one way that is visually stimulating.  The taste for art is personal for each client.  Here is one I have saved on a Pinterest board.


The sense of sound:

For a happy mood maybe while you are working, this is a fun youtube one:

The sense of smell:

Here is my favorite:

The Sense of Feel:

A velvet sofa is wonderful for a soft sense of feel.
Finally, the Sense of Taste:

So many ways to make your family and guest feel special.

Coconut Lavender lemonade #recipe #drinks:

Find ways to delight your senses....


Peppermint Hot Chocolate Recipe by Jackie Riley, foodnetwork #Hot_Chocolate #Pepper,omt:

Bathroom at the 2014 HGTV Dream Home...:

just one soft touch can speak volumes.:

Good Night.