Monday, November 03, 2014

Touch of Christmas with Fall still in the air

Day 30 & 31

Just completed a dining room decor for client in the Pasadena area.  Bringing in a hint of Christmas while celebrating the beauty of pumpkins in the fall.

The mirror still needs to be hung.

Pier One leaves in the rustic vase that has a rope handle.  Amy's dishes in the green was a great compliment to the pretty much neutral room of silvers and golds.  Even the pumpkins made a great statement against this neutral backdrop. 

I think dining rooms work well with neutral palettes.  When planning birthday events and other dinners, brunches or what ever, you can go with any color scheme and it is going to look great.

The background shows the rug we purchased.  This was a $1500. purchased for $499.  Wool and silk.

This bench seat is also being purchased.  Love it.  French and tufted.

This is not a good photo, but a lot of our inspiration came from this art piece that really brought the whole room together.

Amy has the before shots of this room.  It is only a 11x11 space but the furnishings and the large rug really made for a huge statement.