Friday, October 31, 2014

Creamy Loves

Day 29:

Austin , La Porte, Sugarland, Pasadena jobs, working at Pier One for a season, filling in for our band organist, working as Ladies Director at our church, going to college and trying to be a good mother, meme, wife, cook and housekeeper just gets a bit overwhelming these days.  SO, if I seem a bit crazy, show up at the wrong time, forget what day of the week it is, etc. etc. please give me a break.  I think I am indeed a bit on overload.  What a time to commit to writing every night in October of all times!  lol  The truth is, I write in my blog for myself and for the great  & great great grandchildren I will never know.  And, just in case someone else just may drop in and find what I do interesting enough to follow and glean something along the way, I am very happy.

Having my children late in life, means if I meet my great great grandchildren, I will most likely not even realize who I am, much less who they are.  Lol  So, we will make this life the best we can be and just keep pressing towards the mark.

I am thankful I gave the best years of my life 24/7 to the work of God pioneering 2 churches with my preacher husband, pastoring several others and traveling full time preaching in churches all over this nation and in Canada.

I love photos that inspire.  Here are a few I will share with you tonight.  Enjoy!


how sweet!

\♥/♥\♥/ Ralph Lauren Home

best pic ever on pinterest.  someone had a great camera..and..the little dog is adorable.


Have a blessed day!
Hope you enjoyed some of my creamy photos from my Pinterest boards.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

It can start with the first line of a pencil.

Day 29:

Working on a slideshow presentation for college, my designer was to be on Eero Saarinen.  I only thought of him as designing the womb chair, pedestal table and the tulip chair.  Wow, little did I know what a great designer this man was!

I think the thing that has impressed me most was it all seemed to have started with a dream, a desire, then it went to a very simple sketch.  But then, how did he do it??  It became a great reality and his architectural skills was out of this world.

Here are a few buildings you would know in our modern day that Saarinen designed:  IBM, JFK Airport, the John Deere Company, CBS Broadcasting Station.

Below you will see his famous modern furniture designs and then a simple sketch that became to me his most dramatic building, the Dulles International Airport Terminal Building.

This is an actual sketch by Saarinen when creating the tulip chair and the pedestal table.

Here is a modern day design that we still produce today from this works.

This one is really neat!  A dream, a vision, just putting some thoughts on paper and then...
it became a reality!

The Dulles International Airport Terminal Building 1958 - 1962.
He did not want to design an ordinary airport.  He wanted one with more runways and to build an underground Airport Train System and stations.

Amazing when you think about it.

Don't be afraid to dream.  Many great things have been first created on napkins in a restaurant.  You have creative abilities within you!  That's because you are like your Daddy, the one who created you, God Himself, the greatest creator of all.

Start Sketching, writing, and imagine!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Day 28:

Wow, SUPER busy day texting, emailing, phone calls and meetings.  Not to mention, cooking supper, a bit of cleaning and some college work.  

Met with a committee of ladies from our church Heartstrings Ministry early evening.  I will recommend the best pumpkin latte ever from Panera Bread, Fairmont.  Ask for it in a ceramic mug and be sure to get it with the whipped cream.  Save your calorie counts somewhere else.  If you are going to splurge, I suggest with this great tasting drink.  Sorry Starbucks, I love you but this latte has you beat.

Some years ago now, I remember going to a follow up doctor's appointment in Galveston to get the results of what I thought could be a malignant cancer.  Getting the news that I was actually alive and well, I decided to go to one of my favorite shops on the strand and I purchased a book,  "The Art of Abundance".  I was ever so thankful and this book helped me express and realize how abundant my life really was.  Here is a one page from this book:

"The art of abundance is not about greed or selfishness.  The art of abundance is about celebrating life right now, this minute.  It is a way of looking at the potential your life holds-the little blessings to be thankful for now and the gifts that God wants to give you, if your'll open your heart to receive them.  It's being enthusiastic about life every day, not just on the rare occasions when everything seems to be going your way.

"Write in your heart that every day is the best day
of the year." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Look and listen.  What are the sounds of your life today?  The swish of water from a faucet.  Sweet silence. The clink and tinkle of ice in a glass. 

Blessing all around you.  Don't overlook every small moment of blessings and a chance to give gratitude today.

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Day 27:

My day started with a good breakfast at yes, my fav place, La Porte's El Ranchero.  I think I figured out why their pancake syrup taste so good.  Somehow it has something in it that resembles the taste of their pralines they also sell. And, they are wonderful, when you allow yourself to have one!

Then, 3 hours of college lecture on Commercial Design!

Off 2 hours, then to my internship job.  Loving it all the way as they allowed me to do what I do some displays for them.  Pier One has some fabulous beautiful items.  With Christmas easing it's way in, the store just keeps getting more beautiful every time you enter the doors.  I am most happy that this semester job is only 10 minutes from my home which makes it super convenient.

Couldn't help but get a shot of my favorite shoes.  Skirt from Target's!

This is my hubby, Gary.  He is really a lot happier than he looks in this pic.  : )

A shot of inside the restaurant.

Inspired spaces at Pier One Imports:  Let me tell you how I can help you shop as a designer for free.

Stay beautiful!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Make a Statement

Day 26:

black and white with gold. Vignette idea for tray table

Focal point, statement, vignette, display...
every small area is an opportunity to make a statement
or what ever you choose to call it.
Here you can see a crowded bedside table created from what appears to me as an old bamboo portable table that's been spray painted white.  What makes this work?
  • The use of black and white, not too many colors that kept it clean.  Although done with many objects, it does not feel cramped because of the calm neutral color palette. This could be done also with cream and brown or gray and white.
  • The textured pillow in white brings an interest, texture and personality.
  • The use of some metal as here with the brass lamp and the other brass metal gives it a bit of glamour and shine.  
If the table had not been white washed, it would have made a big difference in the overall outcome of the complete look.  

Every item here can be purchased at a thrift store for a fraction of what you would imagine, considering the finished outcome.

If you do not think of yourself as a decorator, consider working on a small vignette and make it calm and pleasing.

It is just nice to have a little spot that greets you and displays items that have meaning to you.

You may be surprised what you may already own that can come together for a pleasing focal point somewhere in a space in your own home.

Have a great week!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Beauty from ashes

Day 25:

Today I have determined to NOT do any of my decor business on week ends.  That is unless I choose to.  Loved having a nice Saturday and making my to do list for DFTS beginning Monday morning.

My day began with one our favorites, Starbucks Protein Box.  Super good and you feel like your body is saying "thank you". 
I added a lot of sparkle to my day purchasing some gorgeous shoes I look forward to wearing during the holidays and...just whenever I want to feel pretty. : )
My morning devotion included a reading from an old Joel Osteen book.  This entry talked about beauty for ashes.  taken from Isaiah 61: 1-3.  He writes, ashes is what is left after something has been burned up.  In other words, they represent broken dreams, disappointments, hurts, failures or a loss. God wants you to give Him those ashes so He can turn them into beauty for you.  As long as we hold on to them, He is unable to exchange them for the beauty He has for you in your life.  Just thought I would share just in case there is someone who may just need this word today.

Tomorrow, late, I will be doing some visual merchandising at my internship job (for my final completion of my college credits).  Looking forward to working with the beautiful items at this Pier One store.

Late tonight: got a pic of Hannah and her fiance, Blake from a Halloween event, The Bash, benefit.  Blake and his partner are owners of C & S Medical Supply.

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Day 24:

It was actually nice that a new client first interview got rescheduled for next week.  I spent my entire day working in my own home.  

Thanks to my sweet hubby, my new laptop is now loaded with some great software and he installed my printer.  

My office area was on a delirious path to chaos and now orderly and I have a sound mind!

My day started with a home made smoothie:  fresh spinach, agave', blackberries, almonds, a fresh apple and protein powder.  Believe or not, it was good.  You do not even realize the spinach is there!

For lunch, leftover stuffed pasta shells from last night's dinner.  Then to Tortuga's for dinner tonight. I have wanted to go back there for some time now and we were not disappointed.  Delish!

To end our night, we watched a super funny movie.  It was recommended by Gary's sister, Shelley. At first, I was not at all sold.  Not my kind of a movie, just got funny.  I love it when I can laugh until I cry.  Mom's Night Out.  

A view of what I call my office:  a mid century modern desk worth 250. found at Goodwill for 39. Love.  My vintage Hollywood Regency lamp from a thrift store for 10 bucks.  I recovered the shade.  My fav striped rug paired with a Mexican rug bought at the beginning of summer on a cruise, my former coffee table (a makeover thrift find) now acting as my credenza and my niche lined with antique book pages.

Friday, October 24, 2014

FMF Graphic

Day 23:

Thanks to Danielle Burkleo for her great talents.  She has designed all graphics for our church ladies  group.  We have several annual events in place now that she has helped us out with.   This event is kind of a shot in the dark, but we are hoping more and more ladies will catch the vision and join in next year. It is possible for this to grow to a serious FUNraiser.  We'll see.  : )

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Summer Makeover

Day 22:

Here is a post I did this summer doing a makeover for my mother's guest room.  Just in case you have never browsed my you may want to visit there sometimes.  Hope you enjoy this post.

Alexandria, Louisiana
It was my pleasure to have planned this trip to visit my mother for one solid week!  While there, there is always a lot of things I want to do to help in any way that I can. 

This trip's focus was working on her guest room, using the previous master bedroom bedding and drapes, then revamping the Master with a lighter bedding which my client (my mother : ) ) really wanted. 

A great comforter with shams and bed skirt was found at her local Tuesday Morning's.  In 6 days, you will see all that was accomplished. 

To view the Master Bedroom as previously decorated on my last makeover trip, Click Here.

These photos were take after my sister, Judy took down all of the wallpaper border for me.  (so thankful for that!!) and, my Mother took down all of the previous decor. 

My Preliminary Vision for this Space:
A quick sketch, originally thinking I wanted the photo gallery on this wall, then changed to right wall as once frames and photos were done, I knew it would be a place guest and friends and family will want to gather in close and see every detail.

We painted the space 2 shades darker than the Sherwin Williams Sea Salt color originally used to go with this bedding.  We are in love with the color.

Here is how the old Mid Century Flanders desk looked after sanding, 2 coats of spray primer and 2 coats of Sherwin Williams paint.

Now for the finishing touch, my artist sister, Judy added the glaze that toned it down to the perfect shade to match the small flower in the bedding.  Her artistic touch is just what made it complete!

The photo gallery went on the wall at the foot of the bed, immediately to the right when entering the room.
This space has become the favorite of the home as it reflects a photo of my mother and her sister, Bobbie on their 40's car, our family when Daddy was building our home and Kenny that arrived 10 years after my birth. I am the baby in the photos. The house sketch was done by  Judy.   There are 2 empty frames waiting for another photo of Kenny and another choice.  My favorite is my Mother mowing her lawn.  Still at 84 years old, she will still mow little  sections of her lawn at a time.  On her 83rd birthday, she got a new self propelled lawn mower from my sister, Linda.  She wants her lawn to look perfect always.

This awesome little trailer was parked on the property a little later than this photo and it is where we lived as Daddy built our home.  I lived in that house until I was married at 21 years old.

The right painting of the clothes line was done by my Mother.

Thanks to my Mother who worked along beside me working all along the way!

Another very happy client.  : )
Thank you for allowing me to share these photos.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

La Porte

Day 21:

Living in La Porte, Texas has some perks.  I thought I would share a place we frequent often. One really neat thing about this old town charm is no traffic!  

Today, I had to go down and check in on a job on the bay of La Porte and do some measuring, so, I just could not resist the urge to get some of my favorite food.
The first time we came to this restaurant, it was packed for breakfast.  It is really hard to find places that serve breakfast and this place offers it all day long.  Yesterday, AND today, Gary and I enjoyed their chirizo and eggs burritos.  They come with complimentary chips and dip.  If you really want to ramp up the flavor and splurge on the calories, you have to try one of their home made pralines.  Oh my goodness, fabulous! When dining in, we also love their pancakes.  It is something about their syrup that is over the top.

Here it is... El Ranchero, La Porte.

Had to get out of my bug and snap a shot.  Notice, no traffic on the road.  Nice.

Parked right in front of the door.

I got to do a little "catch up" at home today, cooked dinner tonight and now to do more sketches for my Commercial One class I am currently in at San Jac Central.

Here's a little peak of what that looks like, along with the designer and info.

16 done and 35 to go! Plus designer info.  It will be a great reference notebook when all done.

Not so painful as I have a love for chairs.