Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Pantry Facelift!

Now...I am being super transparent to show you my "before" pics, but...I can guarantee that many of you have similar spaces.  Maybe you will be encouraged to know how a forgotten space can be turned into a space that is an extension of who you are and reflects your inner person to express yourself in full color.

Once done, omg!  I am in love with this room.  It is so full of energy.  Hannah and I were ready to spend the night in there that night or sit in there with a cup of coffee. Enjoy this transformation:

OK!!  Would you believe I have read every book on organization.  I think I could write the book.  What I have  learned is, you have to actually DO what you have read in the books. lol

A clean slate, ready for the transformation. 

I thought this was going to be the most time consuming, but surprisingly, not.   Taped all very tightly as to not allow the color to bleed through to the cream and white colors.

The color...I wanted a color I love but normally do not use much....the color of my mixer.  I found on the mark down section at Lowe's for a fraction of the cost.  Total project cost:  $11. with all supplies.

This did not take near the time I expected. to the the grocery store and restock some things.