Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 22: Recovery

Recovery:  recapturereclamationrecoupmentrepossessionretrieval

Whenever I have had back to back days of solid work whether it be mental or physical, I need days like to today to do mostly nothing.  I worked until the wee hours of the morning, wide awake and full of energy.  Today, a nap and lunch out with Gary and pizza for dinner.

Here are a couple of more photos of my wallpaper area.  I have always wanted a blackboard in my kitchen.  Especially when I used to do Box Lunch Deliveries, I had a running list of "to do's" and made my list on paper and taped to my counter the night before a big delivery run and my poised position to attack my day the night before.

I decided that the inset section of my door made a natural frame and I used some chalk paint, Mascara and painted with a small foam roller.

The blackboard door leads to the garage.
The navy paint is a matte finish but I wish it were even a little less shiny.  It is indeed clean looking, washable and had it been flat, I think I would like to less.

This door leads to my laundry room. I know the chair makes it a bit crowded but I like
this chair and pillow enough to make it work for now.  It is a knock off Barcelona modern
chair and an imported angora fur pillow cover I ordered online from Greece.
The book I covered with heavy wrapping paper.

My find for the day:  A vintage mirror with chain hanger.  I have plans for this
type mirror in future decor design.

And, last but not least, lunch with this guy.  The Lunch Box is only about 2 minutes from
our home.  It has fresh food made daily.  We had the turkey bacon grilled sandwich with lettuce
and tomatoes and potato soup.  Always delicious.  Love the fresh flowers.

I will not be writing the next 2 nights as I will be with Hannah on a training trip for her new company.  Looking forward to spending time with my mother while on this trip.  Between
her and my two sisters, I am sure some creative endeavors are awaiting.

Good Night.