Sunday, December 10, 2006

Why Decorate Your Office Space?

In the prayer of Jabez, he ask God to "enlarge his coast". I recently requested to work at a great company for two days a week. Thankfully, they found a way to work me in doing a portion of work that allowed this request. It was really neat to have a clean pallet given to me as my very own office area. Although there only two days a week, I loved the challenge of making my small part of my "office" world an extension of me. It is really a very "warm" feeling to come to work and feel "at home". Here is my idea of how I "enlarged my coast".

A real plant brings life, so this was my first priority. I used the planter, which I fell in love with, as my inspiration. As you can see, the fabric surrounding me is peachy tan, so, the soft teal was a good choice. I used inexpensive and light weight acrylic frames I caught on sale for half price at Hobby Lobby and had mats cut to match the planter. The frames holds pictures of my family. I chose a chocolate brown as a second color and used books, an antique hat, a copy of my sister’s original art in the small frame, an open weave basket for a pen holder and lamp, all in chocolates to balance out my color scheme. There is also a soft teal vase with dried flowers on the left.

Here is an idea for a splash of Christmas on your desk: I used 2 square glass vases, fake snow, fake pine limbs (although real would be even better), and teal Christmas bulbs to tie in my color scheme. I couldn’t resist to add a little bit of humor with my "all decked out" little bear.

I Chronicles 4:10 Read the "Prayer of Jabez", a powerful prayer to claim as your own.

BDP International Transport, Import/Export Clerk, 7th floor in the JFK Building, Houston, Texas


Char Roberts said...

Hello Donna!
I love your office space.
I'm not sure if you remember me - I was blessed to meet you while working at BDP during the time this was taken. I always thought it was wonderful how you kept your desk so cheerful. It's about how the workspace makes you feel. Who wouldn't be happy going about their work when they are in happy surroundings?
I always enjoyed getting to speak with you and hope you are doing well. God Bless
char at r3logistics dot com

Donna Madden said...

hi char, i am not remembering you until i see a face with a name. so glad you were inspired by this article. i now have a new work space that i love and has a whole new twist. i will get some pics and post soon. the prayer of jebez used the term, enlarging your coast. i feel that when an extension of my living is a home away from home, it is a great feeling. love my new area at my work place.