Sunday, October 09, 2016

Day Eight: Lucky Five

I am feeling like a give away tonight.  I am thankful for my readers on my blogs and social media sites.  I am hoping someone will want and be thankful for this give away.  I am offering to the first 5 people who respond a quick sketch of an area you would like to some help in or a vignette.  It could be an idea on how to style your fireplace mantel, coffee table, a dead corner that needs something and you just don't know what to do with, or whatever!

Email me with at least one photo of the area.  I will respond and let you know if you are "in".  Once we get to 5, I will make a post on this blog and let you know the contest is over.

Here are a few I have done for clients:

This one is an entire room, I am offering a segment of a space but, you may get lucky and get the whole plan!

This was showing an area for a child in the client's home office.  I explain in actual presentation what each thing is.

Here's a dead wall that needed an idea.

These are all done on my iphone with one finger drawing.  I do some in my sketch book also.  Now, let's see if I have any takers.  Here is where to enter:  If it is easier for you to respond via facebook, simply send me a back message with your photo and say "I'm in"!

I will post on Facebook and this blog when the contest is closed.

I'm excited!  Hope you are too.