Sunday, October 26, 2014

Beauty from ashes

Day 25:

Today I have determined to NOT do any of my decor business on week ends.  That is unless I choose to.  Loved having a nice Saturday and making my to do list for DFTS beginning Monday morning.

My day began with one our favorites, Starbucks Protein Box.  Super good and you feel like your body is saying "thank you". 
I added a lot of sparkle to my day purchasing some gorgeous shoes I look forward to wearing during the holidays and...just whenever I want to feel pretty. : )
My morning devotion included a reading from an old Joel Osteen book.  This entry talked about beauty for ashes.  taken from Isaiah 61: 1-3.  He writes, ashes is what is left after something has been burned up.  In other words, they represent broken dreams, disappointments, hurts, failures or a loss. God wants you to give Him those ashes so He can turn them into beauty for you.  As long as we hold on to them, He is unable to exchange them for the beauty He has for you in your life.  Just thought I would share just in case there is someone who may just need this word today.

Tomorrow, late, I will be doing some visual merchandising at my internship job (for my final completion of my college credits).  Looking forward to working with the beautiful items at this Pier One store.

Late tonight: got a pic of Hannah and her fiance, Blake from a Halloween event, The Bash, benefit.  Blake and his partner are owners of C & S Medical Supply.

Have a great Sunday!