Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Visit to Thistlewoods

It is always such a treat to visit with my sister Linda and her husband, Owen and Leroy, their oldest pet dog and Ernie and Ella, their 2 spoiled little schnauzers.

I hope you will enjoy these photos I want to share the evening my Mother, sister, Judy and I went for a visit and for a wonderful country dinner.

 Making the turn off of the main road in Glenmora, this road leads to the home of Linda Walston Crowder and her husband, Owen Crowder.

 Here are some photos of loofahs, watermelon gourds, apple gourds, sugarcane, assorted colors of cotton, assorted flowers, cucumbers and roses.

Linda, in her typical "thistlewoods" wear.  : )

Her unique collection of Vaseline Glass.  It glows when put under a black light.

Linda loves beautiful furniture.

Hot, ready and waiting.  A country meal all produced right here in the garden.

Just after coming back inside from viewing the plants, Linda's shop and property, it began to pour.  It was actually a pictorial site.

Fresh purple peas, fresh green beans along with home grown potatoes,
corn, fried okra and corn bread.  The tea was also great.

 Followed by a fabulous home made pound cake.

After dinner, Linda, Judy, my mother and I sat around the table looking at old photos and keepsakes.  This is a picture of my grandfather I never met, my mother's Dad,  Willie Parker.  He was a handsome man.

This is a thank you note I had my son write when he was most likely 2 or 3 years old.

Linda as a little girl.

This is a picture we found that my son, Aaron made when he was 4 years old.  Love this.

Coming soon to Facebook.  Linda will be marketing a lot of her creations here.  She is starting with her hand made baby products, primarily hand made baby booties.  Super cute!  and unique!
The address will be Facebood/Thistlewoods.  The first site will be known as "Little Thistlewoods"  Linda Crowder Creations.

Thanks for stopping by.