Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 20: Tiny Peak/ Houston

This gorgeous blank canvas is transforming and I am so anxious to share the results.  Just a sneak peak, no clues but one to follow.  Just so you know, try to find the sweet "little" dog that is so enjoying the new seating at this table, below.  This is the sweetest pic ever.  It happens every time they now sit down to eat.

This mixer color became a jumping off point for the color scheme.  I love clients who are not afraid of color.  Fun day shopping for this home and seeing the transformation.

We did not purchase this one, but this is an example of what you can find shopping with me.  This was only 199.  I love this tuxedo arm chair and the navy blue.

Another sneak peak ...
This girl is about to launch her own clothing line, LuLaroe.  Here is a skirt.  Plan to schedule a pop up show in your home and she will tell you how you can earn free pieces just by inviting your friends.  Hannah also has a business called "Styled by Hannah", a personal stylist consultant.  

Here is a dress that will be in her clothing line, prints vary:

More to come.  Have a great Tuesday!  Good Night.