Sunday, January 28, 2007

Meet My Sister, Linda

Linda, always the runt of the family was the first to lead our family to really going to church. Linda was a senior in high school, loads of make up, tight clothes, streaked hair and beginning to worry my parents. Had the drug scene been in full swing, she would have been there. Linda was the first to an altar of prayer. Her life was totally changed. She paved the path and one by one our family all found ourselves head over heels in the church. What a change in our lives.

This is Linda and me under our mother's carport with blueberries picked right from her yard.

Linda served an official in the Cenla Garden Club and spoke in many meetings at home and abroad. She has over 150 rose bushes on her acres of land along with many other flowering plant and bushes. Her specialty is making wreaths from her roses she dries from her garden.

For 25 years, she was a teacher’s aid in the Alexandria school district. Her latest endeavor is playing the violin. Her goal is to play in the Alexandria Symphony.

Here’s what you can expect at Linda’s home:
arm loads of fresh roses, salvia, daisies, and other flowers, buckets of blueberries or plums, enjoy handcrafted stained glass windows, visit her shop with handmade wreaths, dried flowers, doors with stained glass, a friendly, smiling hostess serving you New Orleans beignets and cafĂ©’ ole or a sky high layered homemade coconut cake, parties with a candle lit country road to her home and beautiful pieces of furniture.

Mother of 2 children, David and Lamar Guillot and wife of Owen Crowder. Lamar is a pastor in Farmerville, La. with his wife, Stephanie and daughter, Lauren.