Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Simple Storage Solution 101

Here is just a very simple idea...nothing earth shattering, but one, that you can actually do and I think you will find useful.

For years I tolerated the area under my vanity bathroom sink. It was very cluttered and unorganized. I think for most of us, no matter how organized we think we are, we usually have some area that we tend to ignore.

Here was my solution. It is simple and inexpensive and works great. Clear everything out and sort the items.

Purchase gallon size zipper type zip lock bags. Label each bag with a stick on computer label using your favorite font in a large font size.

Now, label each bag, fill and zip. Place all in 2 or more dish pans standing up so you can see the label that you have place near the top of the bag.

I used new white pails, size 19 - 24 font size in Incised901BT or Arial font. Some of my bags are: Hotel Samples (these are saved for emergencies or later donated to Woman’s Shelters), Cotton Balls & Q Tips, Swimming Stuff (suntan lotions, sunburn care, ear plugs, etc.), Colds & Allergies (medicines that you don’t use everyday), etc.

It is very simple to find things when I need them and super easy to put things back.

Happy Organizing!