Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Day 17: Home Styling Day

I had to use Gary's van to get my collection of items to this job today.  That meant I had to get Gary to work first, then back home, load the van and get to my destination by 11:00.  We arrived at 10:45 and was done by 2:15.  I will say I was a tired puppy by that time even though the day was still young.  I am happy that everything turned out just as I envisioned.  I choose every item knowing in my mind exactly where each item will go in the plan.  That means my style day goes much faster.

We had assistants that helped with upholstery of chair cushions, unloading the van, hanging some heavy items, his wife helping with minor cleaning and prepping, etc.  That made our day much faster.

Day 16: India Kick Off and a Bunch of Other Stuff

Ever have a day that you finally get a lot of loose ends done?  It seems these loose ends become a nagging weight that keeps trying to pull you under until you finally pull the trigger and get them done.

Ah, breath of fresh air.  Still lots of stuff to do on the home front but I don't feel completely defeated at this point.  I mean stuff like putting something in a box, finding the address, making the label, sealing up the box, driving to the post office, waiting in line and handing it over to the post man and walking away with one more item off your list.  whew.  I know you've been there.

Now for a bag of stuff that has been nagging me at my front door to go to the Goodwill store and some stuff to go to the garage for storage, etc. etc.  Please tell me I'm not the only person who can tolerate this kind of stuff.  Then, I go crazy and the perfectionist comes out of me and the place gets a total detail and I expect everyone to keep it that way.  lol

Enough transparency! Tomorrow is a big day, styling 3 rooms and getting all of this countless stuff from my home to the makeover.  But, it's my favorite part!  Going to be absolutely transforming!!

Made some tweaks on the floor plans I did last night and set an appointment for Wednesday. 

I am getting excited about our Heartstrings Ministry department heading up a India booth for an upcoming Missions Marketplace and Family Day the last week end of this month.  Since Harvey, we had to postpone this event and the decision was made to make it in conjunction with our Family Day already on the calendar. 

I am thrilled that a family from India plus a client of my husband from India will be making authentic Indian Cuisine along with one our ladies who has a great recipe to share.  We will have some India flare going on to open the imagination of our members to the culture.  Most of all, it will give God a chance to open our minds and hearts up to a whole world that needs our prayers and support.

I appreciate all of the ladies in our department that have offered their time and talents for our booth.  We still need more help if you are reading this and would like to give us an hour on the 28th or 29th of this month.

Tonight was Baked Salmon, with my newest spice loves, Mexican Red Pepper and Ground Curry, and creamed potatoes and a chopped salad.

Now to bed with fresh sheets and pillowcases, (I wish were ironed as my mother does) and a good night's sleep.

Good Night.