Friday, September 09, 2016

The Spring Color Palette

If you have been analysed by a color consultant and not convinced of your diagnosed color, take a look at these gorgeous colors of the Spring Palette.  I have been inspired and know when we do indeed wear colors that flatter us most, we can be confident we are at our best.  Here are some combinations you can try.

Some palettes of Spring forces you to feel washed out, not enough punch and just not you.  Here is a good example of a True Spring that gives you some shades of Spring that would look fabulous on you and compromise color!

Simply gorgeous!  Really, anyone in the warm family groups could pull off these colors.

This collection seems to reach towards the softer tones of summer but could still be worn by the Springs.

Interesting combination.

This is one of the hottest colors out!  Watch for it!  It is everywhere.



We can get an inspiration of this guy's color scheme.  I can see this with a skirt and exact tops.

Imagine this with a mint skirt.

Deeper colors you may love.

Blondes and fair skin, here ya' go. Remember, all Springs can wear these colors.

Here is one I would steal from the Spring category.  Love.

Note:  the most pricey things in your closet should be your basic nuetral.  Here are some ideas.

Just remember, unique you "spring" can rock these colors like no one else.  Wear it and know you are beautiful.  Be confident.