Sunday, December 10, 2006

Why Decorate Your Office Space?

In the prayer of Jabez, he ask God to "enlarge his coast". I recently requested to work at a great company for two days a week. Thankfully, they found a way to work me in doing a portion of work that allowed this request. It was really neat to have a clean pallet given to me as my very own office area. Although there only two days a week, I loved the challenge of making my small part of my "office" world an extension of me. It is really a very "warm" feeling to come to work and feel "at home". Here is my idea of how I "enlarged my coast".

A real plant brings life, so this was my first priority. I used the planter, which I fell in love with, as my inspiration. As you can see, the fabric surrounding me is peachy tan, so, the soft teal was a good choice. I used inexpensive and light weight acrylic frames I caught on sale for half price at Hobby Lobby and had mats cut to match the planter. The frames holds pictures of my family. I chose a chocolate brown as a second color and used books, an antique hat, a copy of my sister’s original art in the small frame, an open weave basket for a pen holder and lamp, all in chocolates to balance out my color scheme. There is also a soft teal vase with dried flowers on the left.

Here is an idea for a splash of Christmas on your desk: I used 2 square glass vases, fake snow, fake pine limbs (although real would be even better), and teal Christmas bulbs to tie in my color scheme. I couldn’t resist to add a little bit of humor with my "all decked out" little bear.

I Chronicles 4:10 Read the "Prayer of Jabez", a powerful prayer to claim as your own.

BDP International Transport, Import/Export Clerk, 7th floor in the JFK Building, Houston, Texas