Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fresh Green Beans

  • Green beans, a couple of hands full or the amount you desire.

  • I just cut the ends off and leave the full length.  I bundle up in groups and cut.

  • Wash.

  • Put a small amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in pan

  • Add the fresh green beans with minced garlic, I purchase the minced kind in a jar...always ready when I need it.

  • Pepper, and a little salt.

  • Add a small amount of water, cover and cook over medium heat until just tender.  You may have to keep adding small amounts of water until done.

That easy and delish!

Chicken and Rice Casserole

This is a recipe that was shared with me by my sister in law, Jan Madden.  Jan is not afraid to try new recipes and Southern Living recipes are her favorites.

With this recipe, I would consider it a family staple.  Of all the things I fix for my own family, this is one that both of my "big" kids love.  I like it because it is one of those things that get even better the next day for a warm lunch.

The recipe is flexible.  For example, if you only have 1 breast or left over roasted chicken, you can use just that.  If using already prepared left over chicken from another meal, I would make my rice in water including a bouillon cube.  By the way, bouillon cubes should always be a staple in your pantry.  It is super inexpensive and will add flavor to many recipes.  Also, when a recipe calls for chicken broth, I make my own using some heated water and my bouillon cube.

2 chicken breast
Rice, I make instant rice using 2 cups and water and 2 cups of rice
1 small can of green chopped chilies
1 small can of mushrooms, this gives the dish some texture and will absorb the flavors
2 cups of grated cheese, if any family member does not like cheese, only put cheese over part of the dish
bouillon cubes, I use 2
salt and pepper

  • In a pot of water, add the chicken, bouillon cube and cook until tender.
  • Take the chicken out to rest and keep the juices.
  • In the same juices, I put the rice in my casserole dish and add the amount of broth from the chicken while it is still hot.
  • Once the rice is done, add the chilies and the mushroom, drained
  • Cut the chicken into bit size pieces and add
  • You will want to add some extra broth in the dish so it will not bee too dry
  • Add some salt and pepper to taste
  • Stir in dish, distribute evenly in dish
  • Cover with the cheese and bake @ 350 degrees until it is bubbly and the cheese is melted
This is good with just some green beans or a salad.  Note:  my recipe for the green beans is embed in this link.