Monday, October 10, 2011

Catching Up A Bit

Weeks have been flying by.  At the start of Hannah's Junior school year, and her dual credit college hour we have all been busy shuffling schedules to get us all where we need to be.

This year I began to our community college, San Jac Central.  I am excited to go for several certificates in Interior Design.  I am loving my classes and excited about the knowledge I am gaining.  My professor, David Vanover is also the head of the Interior Design Department and is an excellent teacher.

My husband, Gary is now 75% complete with his first degree at San Jac also.  We are blessed to live only about 7 minutes from the college campus.

I have recently accomplished a 37 year task that procrastination has had the best of me.  Our garage is now under control and we can actually park a vehicle in it.  I am still towering through a few boxes inside our home, but refuse for them to go back in garage storage until I have combed through all.  Almost all done!

We have enjoyed our Sunday afternoons with our growing family.  Our son, Aaron now has a new baby, Abbey,  that is almost 5 months old and, we have a new 3 year old grandson, Noah, the son of Aaron's soon to be bride, Samantha.

We are so grateful for the miraculous miracle working power of God in our lives.  We are assured that Gary is now healed of the devastating disease of MS.  Now, we wait for God to give him full recovery of the effects in his body.  In Jesus' Name, he WILL walk again.

What a relief for the hot very dry days of summer to finally come to an end.  My favorite time of the year is when the cool fronts start to blow in and the dry cool crisp autumn days begin.  This is our front door just freshen up for the season.

Our Abbey.  So sweet.