Saturday, March 27, 2010

Save the date...Skin Care Party You'll Love

There is a scripture that says "Love thy neighbor as thyself". I think many times our relationships become marred by the fact that we just don't love ourselves enough. Notice. When you are feeling really bad, ugly, your life feels in the "out of control" mode, you can find yourself treating others rude and with an ugly spirit. Personally, I think this can come when we are really feeling bad about ourselves. Try this. Treat you like you want to be treated. Stop belly aching about no one ever complimenting you, giving you a gift, telling you how special you are, etc. Try doing that for yourself. Use a marker and write on your bathroom mirror, "I am beautiful, skinny and wise". Funny? Right, you will laugh at yourself every time you see it, but, you just might need to lighten up to brighten up. And, in time, you will start believing more in yourself. Don't wait for someone to buy you flowers, buy some for yourself. You will feel pampered when you buy something new to wear or get a mani or pedi or massage. Love you and you will see for yourself, you will begin to love others more.

This is one reason I am hosting a Mary Kay party for my niece's new business. When I attended her party last week, I left feeling pampered and beautiful. Learning how to take care of yourself can give you a roadmap to a better you and ultimately a better caring person. When you come to my apartment, I hope you will feel catered to and an atmosphere of relaxation. I regret that my apartment can only hold a handful of friends and guest, but I am sure Jen will be happy to come to your home and give you a private consultation.

The date is: April 8, Thursday p.m. 7:30. For products shop Mary Kay's website, then let me know what you would want to order, request a book, a party date or call to reserve a spot at my party: 281-222-3423.

Now get up and do something nice for yourself. I love you and so does He.