Thursday, October 12, 2017

Day Twelve: Shopping Wrap Up & Just An Average Day

Early next week will be a major style day for a completion of a renovation.  I just had a couple of more items to pick up.  Once meeting Gary for lunch and some Starbucks green tea latte, we headed over to Kast Fabrics for some upholstery fabric and a quick trip to Hobby Lobby for some favorite faux fern and vase for a tall pedestal plant holder.

Thursdays we pick up Abbey for some time with our family.  We love being with her.  With her help, we did some kitchen cleaning with Abbey covering some good smelling mopping over the floor and me coming behind her with the finishing up.  She loves working with me in the kitchen.  She put on the sweet potatoes to be baked while I prepared a meatloaf with my most recent favorite spices:  Mexican Red Pepper and Curry.  Adding some fresh green beans cooked with olive oil and garlic, salt and pepper for our side dish, we had a super yummy meal.

Abbey and I took some time to do some photo shoots for an upcoming "Abbey's Closet" sale.  Since she is only with us every other week end and occasionally for holidays and a month in the summer, she outgrows her clothing and shoes before she has a chance to wear them out.  We will share a few of those shots.  We hope to have a live sale October 21, her next weekend here.

I guess you may have figured by now, but my best creative time to do floor plans and computer work is at night when all else is behind me.  I have 4 different projects going on right now not to mention a major church project I will help head up for my department.  I am happy this church event will fall in October so I can share that also on the blog.

By the way, please give me your input if these are even sell-able and how much you can even get for them.  Thank you!!

Nighty Night!

Day Eleven: Happily Styled

My day started with my stylist daughter, Hannah Kennard coming over and working her magic on my wardrobe.  She has been a stylist assistant for JARunway and was so happy to get great exposure working with her on television segments and with her personal clients.  JARunway has shifted her endeavors to Israel along side of her husband for awhile.  Hannah has made the decision to begin to sharpen her skills, take the courses necessary to begin her own styling business.  One of the services she will offer is helping clients shop their closet and put together outfits.  This is a 2 hour service and gives you 25 plus looks once she is done.

Today was my lucky day for Hannah to use me to style.  WOW.  I have to say I was super impressed at the outfits she put together for me.  She asked me to choose 10 pieces out of my closet that I loved most and would like for her to be sure and incorporate into her style outfits.  She put together things I never thought of!  And best of all, they were all captured in my own Outfit Lookbook on my phone and I have uploaded all of them on a private Pinterest board.

I will share a few of them here on today's post.

Today we also met with a new client to help get their home ready for a sale.  Getting them on track with help to edit what they have will be a great help to move them forward in their sale.  We look forward to the final staging that brings out the beauty in the home and help it to show off it's best features.

Tonight Gary and I were a part of a huge team prepping for an upcoming concert at our church.  We expect and overflow so large that all cars will be parked in a parking garage next door and the entire parking lot will become another seating area with a huge screen projecting the concert happening inside.  All will be topped off with food trucks and a ton of Church Triumphant members at your service.  Follow the link for details.  

This was tonight's outfit.  It was my first choice from my Lookbook.

Thanks for stopping by.  Check in tomorrow night.