Saturday, October 15, 2016

Day Fourteen: Smocks of Love

Our church began a ministry about 3 years ago partnering with MD Anderson hospital.  A director there had the vision of having smocks modified for women in breast cancer treatment.  The modified smocks would help give the patients dignity and modesty during their treatments.  They started with another church and launched her idea.

They then contacted our church to help meet the growing demands for these modified smocks.  Under the direction of Eunice Van Pelt, a seamstress in our church, a team of ladies began to deconstruct medical scrubs and make into the new smocks especially for MD Anderson breast cancer patients.

TCT's pastor's wife, Kimberly Sciscoe, came up with the name, "Smocks of Love".  To help brand this ministry that fell under the umbrella of our Heartstrings Ladies Ministry that I am director of, we contacted our graphics expert and came up with our logo.

Our artist also created three other images for us including our main logo for our group:
This group of ladies that worked tirelessly on these smocks.  They averaged making 10 smocks a month.  I had the vision to have a major event with sewing machines, balloons and a lot of new volunteers and have a Smocks of Love party.

Wow, I did not know what I was bringing on myself.  TOMORROW is that event!!

We have had a total of about 30 - 50 volunteers and at least 30 confirmed to be at this event tomorrow.  MD Anderson will be present, a recipient of one our smocks and we are going LIVE on Facebook at 3:00! Our goal is to promote this ministry and and bring a public awareness and see what we are doing.  Viewers will have the opportunity to partner with this ministry by donating 10. or more to cover the cost of one smock.

Our new group of volunteers will be receiving training and a whole agenda is in place to bring a live cast.

With this new launch of volunteers, Eunice Van Pelt has stepped down and Sharon Williams is now in place as our new director.  She herself is a breast cancer survivor and has a true passion for Smocks of Love.

Please set your alarms Saturday, October 15 for 3:00 Central time to join our LIVE cast.  Go to Facebook/smocksoflove to view.  Please send us a hello while watching.  We are excited to know you are joining this event!   Be sure to go now to this page, like and you should get a notification when this event is starting.