Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day 30: I've Almost Made It, Challenge Accepted

Wow, committing to 31 days of writing and only 2 days left.  Just so you know, I am official.  I have the T shirt to prove it.  LOL  If you would like to enjoy a lot of other bloggers connected with this challenge, you will want to go here and enjoy many other bloggers writing on various subjects of interest.

The close up says: "31 Days every October, every day".  Here is the link to my October 31 days of writing last year.

If no one ever reads this, I actually love going back and seeing what I was doing and the highlights I chose to write about.

This morning started with one of my favorite breakfast, oatmeal, brown sugar, pecans and cream.  So yummy.

Amazing what one little package of flowers can do to brighten a little corner.  These make me think of MawMaw Thompson, my hubby's grandmother.  I always remembered she loved planting lots of jumbo pansies every year.

So this morning when I opened up to Facebook, I saw this beautiful face.  : )
This is Hannah for her day of work.  How pretty is this?  I can't believe she did this 
herself.  I miss all the years we had so much fun getting her dressed for 
dress up parties.  She is very happy now all grown up and married.

Six years ago today, my Dad in law passed away after a long battle from a major vehicle accident.  We know he is in a good place.  He is so missed.  Love you, Dad.

The roar of thunder is outside.  Another day ending.  One day left of this month, then we must begin to deliberately think every day of the many things we have to be thankful for. Here is a quote I recently saw.  It really is so true.

100% positively true.  I challenge you to try this!!!  Even in my hardest days, when I began to train myself to focus on the good in my days, that is when my life changed.  I literally find myself laughing at myself now days, and so focused on what is good in a day I completely overlook things that can make it bad.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Good night, friends.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 29: Window Treatment Install

I love the finishing touches of a home we have been working on for some time now.  This install finishes our project with this South Shore Harbor area client.

This is the Master bath window.  I also love the chandelier we found for this space.

 This is the window treatment in the sun room overlooking the pool.  Love!

Also snapped a pic of the powder room with the accent wall covering and gold walls.  All paired
with a new vanity coupled with the newly installed copper sink.  Complete photos on my decorating blog.

     This little guy was so cute,
     I just had to get a pic.                                

My find for the day:  Hannah, starting up her LuLaRoe clothing line was in need of matching hangers.  We actually found some at a great price, her favorite signature color, green.

Super upset arriving home, no purse!!  I trailed my way back along the 2 stop path and even to the police station to see if someone may have turned in my purse if found in the parking lot.  At last!  I found it in this store!  I suppose, right where I left it.  Telling my kids that were worried for me, Hannah says, "Now whhhaaattt did we learn from thiiisss"???  LOL  My answer, "don't tell your kids you lost your purse until you are POSITIVE it can not be found".  LOL  Bottom line, SOOO glad I found it.  Mainly, it also had my car keys in it!  I was with Gary at the time and he was waiting for me in the van.

Results:  happy day.  Good night.

Day 28: Republican Debate, Rockets and Awesome Church

My day was blessed with some time at home re-working my gallery wall.  I got so in to it that before I knew it I had completely forgotten an annual medical check up I had on the schedule.  One phone call and a rush out the door, it was all done.  The paperwork took longer than the exam itself.

On our way to church the skies were stunning!  I snapped several shots.  It only takes us about 15 to 20 minutes to get to Strawberry Road in Pasadena, but the views were ever changing.  We were into the night as we pulled into the parking lot.

Pastor preached about turning the tides on our enemy and shared his stories along with stories from late Tom Barnes, one of his mentors.  It brought down the house and our Wednesday evening service turned into a Sunday meeting!

We arrived home to view the Republican debate.  Wow, I just had to clap out loud for some of the great answers and sharpness of these candidates.  I can say we have some strong contenders for this upcoming election in the Republican party.  This was better than most movies I have ever watched.

We also enjoyed a late night getting to watch our favorite basketball team, the Rockets, taped for us.  A bit disappointed but we have great faith this team will catch up and show the true great team we know them to be.

This old chest has some square nails and I just don't have the heart to get rid of it.  Some things you 
keep long enough they feel like a part of you.  It just needs some TLC.  Suggestions please.
My idea is to strip and refinish and add some prettier knobs.  I have some lion head metal 
ones that are old I have considered.

This small original watercolor painting I have had a long time.  Because of it's
purple color, it has had a hard time fitting with my home.  Editing this vignette, it finally
feels right and I am liking it.

This is the gallery wall.  I have a little growing room.  I love the color
that I was able to bring into it and it makes an even happier spot 
in our home.  So looking forward to adding wedding shots from
Hannah and Blake's March wedding.
Note:  the mid century modern chairs are for sale and will not be a part of this wall.

 Now, you can follow this sunset.  The blue was a little towards
a teal and the pink a more peach color.  So beautiful.

Along with the teal and peach, the clouds starting becoming a 
mix with charcoal grays.

Then all became gray with only hints of pinks in the far horizon.

Until it became all gray and into the darkness of the night.

Good Night all.  I would love your comments.  Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 27: Tweak

Tweak:  to adjust, fine tune.

I have always played the keyboard by ear, mainly the organ.  In the 80's I had a chance to get some chord signature lessons from Dan Dean.  Wow,  my ear just did not hear that one little note in some of the chords that made a huge difference!  With the tweak of a chord, I was playing fabulous sounding music!

I have found that in decorating and design, I can help clients make the tweak that is needed to bring their ideas and desires to a whole new level.

Paint and color can play a huge part in a design and getting the tweak of the perfect color can bring the room from so so to a real design.

I enjoyed working with a client today pulling together the finishing design plans of a home office and making it personalized.  Can't wait to share photos!  I will tell you that the accent colors are caramel and green coupled with rich deep woods.

Here are some photos from my day:

My Mid Century Modern chairs, my find of the day!  Awesome price.  Will sell on Craigslist.
These are super sturdy and heavy and have the original fabric on them.  I got a STEAL but they are worth a good price.

Tonight, I worked in my office.  This is my sofa and rug.

Here is my mid century modern credenza/dresser styled.

Tonight I tried my best to capture the gorgeous full moon. Here is also a photo of what my battery looks like most of the time.  lol

Good Night.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Days 23 through 26: Busy!!!

I think this post should have also been recovery.  lol for the exception  I have not had time to recover after a long busy week end.

On my 3 day week end, I traveled with my daughter Hannah Madden Kennard to Louisiana for a training for the new business she is investing in.  It is a clothing line called LuLaRoe based out of California.  Her first order of inventory will be nearly 400 clothing items in several styles and various sizes for women xs to 3x.  She is super excited and so am I.  I will be hosting one of her first Pop Up Boutiques in my home November 14.

Here is Hannah, right, and her sponsor, Tara. (left)

This is one of my favorite looks posted on the LuLaRoe site.  I tried to mimic this look with my own "knock off" LuLaRoe look Cassie skirt.  I am super excited to get my own collection of this clothing line.

Once done with the Friday night training, Hannah and I headed to my mother's who lived only about 20 minutes from our meeting.  Her home is so welcoming.  Great smells, great food cooked, and the most comfy bed and covers ever.  Here is a couple of pics from her guest bathroom and her mantel.

Rained our entire way home on Sunday.  Today, appointment in Cypress with a pastor for my business.  Morning appointment in the morning for a Houston client.  Ended my day with a vegan smoothie with kale, almonds, bananas, yogurt, etc.  Wonderful!

I will get to bed early this evening as I am super tired.  Some busy days ahead.  Good night.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 22: Recovery

Recovery:  recapturereclamationrecoupmentrepossessionretrieval

Whenever I have had back to back days of solid work whether it be mental or physical, I need days like to today to do mostly nothing.  I worked until the wee hours of the morning, wide awake and full of energy.  Today, a nap and lunch out with Gary and pizza for dinner.

Here are a couple of more photos of my wallpaper area.  I have always wanted a blackboard in my kitchen.  Especially when I used to do Box Lunch Deliveries, I had a running list of "to do's" and made my list on paper and taped to my counter the night before a big delivery run and my poised position to attack my day the night before.

I decided that the inset section of my door made a natural frame and I used some chalk paint, Mascara and painted with a small foam roller.

The blackboard door leads to the garage.
The navy paint is a matte finish but I wish it were even a little less shiny.  It is indeed clean looking, washable and had it been flat, I think I would like to less.

This door leads to my laundry room. I know the chair makes it a bit crowded but I like
this chair and pillow enough to make it work for now.  It is a knock off Barcelona modern
chair and an imported angora fur pillow cover I ordered online from Greece.
The book I covered with heavy wrapping paper.

My find for the day:  A vintage mirror with chain hanger.  I have plans for this
type mirror in future decor design.

And, last but not least, lunch with this guy.  The Lunch Box is only about 2 minutes from
our home.  It has fresh food made daily.  We had the turkey bacon grilled sandwich with lettuce
and tomatoes and potato soup.  Always delicious.  Love the fresh flowers.

I will not be writing the next 2 nights as I will be with Hannah on a training trip for her new company.  Looking forward to spending time with my mother while on this trip.  Between
her and my two sisters, I am sure some creative endeavors are awaiting.

Good Night.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day 21: A Good Day

What makes a good day?  Not focusing on what you could consider bad but finding all the so very many good things in a day.  Top of the list today is the wonderful presence of my God in my home tonight.  I absolutely love when I feel Him so close and His loving arms all around me and those in my home.

I enjoyed some really sweet finds for my client I am enjoying working with so much.  And, FINALLY, I am done with my home wallpaper project.  I will post better pics a little later when there is great natural light.

It is so hard to not buy a pic you love yourself.  I fell for this one love at first sight.
It is going to be a perfect fit in it's new home.

Thrilled to find the perfect shade of green that will be the perfect fit for this decor project.

Today I picked up the art on the right.  I had to order an over sized mat for it.  This pic 
is not for everyone, but I think it is artistic and I love the colors.  And, we have this
little love affair for coffee.  So, it is in it's rightfully place in our home.

This small niche with now wallpaper has transformed my kitchen.  I am not a perfectionist
with this installation but saved a ton by doing it myself.  
My next project will be the seating cushions in desperate need of a redo.

Later....Good Night.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 20: Tiny Peak/ Houston

This gorgeous blank canvas is transforming and I am so anxious to share the results.  Just a sneak peak, no clues but one to follow.  Just so you know, try to find the sweet "little" dog that is so enjoying the new seating at this table, below.  This is the sweetest pic ever.  It happens every time they now sit down to eat.

This mixer color became a jumping off point for the color scheme.  I love clients who are not afraid of color.  Fun day shopping for this home and seeing the transformation.

We did not purchase this one, but this is an example of what you can find shopping with me.  This was only 199.  I love this tuxedo arm chair and the navy blue.

Another sneak peak ...
This girl is about to launch her own clothing line, LuLaroe.  Here is a skirt.  Plan to schedule a pop up show in your home and she will tell you how you can earn free pieces just by inviting your friends.  Hannah also has a business called "Styled by Hannah", a personal stylist consultant.  

Here is a dress that will be in her clothing line, prints vary:

More to come.  Have a great Tuesday!  Good Night.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 19: Decorating for the SENSES

When I began my business around 2008, I searched and thought and thought of the perfect name I would give my business.  At that time, I did not know for sure which talent would eventually make it's way to the top.  To cover my natural talents in decorating, organizing and entertaining, I came up with the 5 senses.

When I was a Sunday School teacher and also did some training to our teaching staff, I always stressed the importance of touching all 5 senses when presenting a lesson.  It would always make your idea much more memorable. Touching all 5 senses would assure that your student would capture at least one of your examples and retain your big idea for that lesson.

Using the 5 senses in my now decorating business, I love the way it helps me touch my clients needs at each level.

Here are 5 ideas of how you can touch the senses in decor:

The sense of  vision:

Art is one way that is visually stimulating.  The taste for art is personal for each client.  Here is one I have saved on a Pinterest board.


The sense of sound:

For a happy mood maybe while you are working, this is a fun youtube one:

The sense of smell:

Here is my favorite:

The Sense of Feel:

A velvet sofa is wonderful for a soft sense of feel.
Finally, the Sense of Taste:

So many ways to make your family and guest feel special.

Coconut Lavender lemonade #recipe #drinks:

Find ways to delight your senses....


Peppermint Hot Chocolate Recipe by Jackie Riley, foodnetwork #Hot_Chocolate #Pepper,omt:

Bathroom at the 2014 HGTV Dream Home...:

just one soft touch can speak volumes.:

Good Night.