Sunday, December 31, 2006

Laundry Solution 101

Please be patient with this article. If doing laundry is a snap and you can not imagine how the everyday success of the thing could be a mystery, then this article is not for you.
For those of us that have had struggles in the past or present making doing laundry a breeze, then read on.

In my cleaning house yahoo group, many have expressed their desire to get others ideas on laundry solutions. Somehow, it just gets done, but not always with ease.

Personally, when I moved into my present home, it was equipped with built in laundry shoots under each linen closet area. Laundry pretty much landed in there, but then I had to pull it all out, sorting in the hallway. Then, the hallway stayed in shambles until all was finally done.

Solution: I purchased 5 laundry baskets that did not protrude much into the walk space of the hallway. I labeled each basket to suit our needs: whites, colors, darks, reds & brights, & towels.
In clear view and easily accessible to the entire family, we were trained to place the laundry in the proper baskets. This is a tried and proven solution that has worked for me for about 2 years now. When a basket becomes full, it gets picked up and done. The basket is a good size that holds a normal size load of clothes.

We have now graduated with the same baskets in the original laundry shoots with labels outside the pull out door. The towels basket in under our vanity shelf in the master bath. Just a quick look occasionally, and I know when it is time to wash a load.

My favorite detergent: Gain and Gain fabric softener sheets. To pre spot I use the large "Mexican style" bar of soap found at a dollar store. Works great.

For lables, I used Gigi font, size 72 printed on card stock. I used decorative brads purchased at Hobby Lobby threading through both the label and a card backing secured again with double stick tape and tape over the brad prongs.