Monday, October 30, 2017

Day 30: Gotta Love Black and White

I have found a lot of people opt for black and white because they are afraid of color.  The truth is, if you genuinely love black and white and monochromatic, it can really be a 
classy look once done right.  Here are some photos to inspire you.

This is a home I did loving black and white.

The living room.

Another young couple that opted for monochromatic, black and white.

Below is a black and white office area for a recent client.

Black and white can encourage fabulous touches of color and texture.

It's pretty amazing how fabulous black or white can look when you get it right.  Try some black tights or paint a white room for a clean slate.  We are here to help.
Oh, and we can help you pick the perfect white. Winky face.

Good Night.