Monday, October 16, 2017

Day 15: Hope You're Enjoying a Fresh Brew

Good morning, coffee! We sure are glad to see you! #Coffee #MrCoffee

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It will be morning for most of you when you open this, so I'm hoping you are enjoying your morning coffee and catching up on your week's calendar and musing events from the weekend.

Today, Sunday, I decided to arrive for church in time for worship service only.  My body was trying hard to keep me in bed.  Ahhh, one of those days.  Gary had to teach a class.  Thank God my bug is out of the shop and we again have 2 vehicles.

I decided to pick up Luby's for lunch to take home.  I enjoyed so much with no guilt a nap that was so needed.

Tonight I worked on 2 floor plans for 2 clients.  I am anxious to share my patio idea we kicked off on Saturday.

This week, be sure and take time with a friend or someone you love and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and good conversation.  If all else fails, love yourself enough to enjoy a favorite drink in a pretty cup or stemmed glass and make it a ritual that brings some self worth.  You deserve it.  The more you can learn to love yourself, the more capacity you have to love others.

Have a great week!

Some of my favorite coffee pics:

coffee station

Coffee Print @ coffee station

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