Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Christmas Song (jazz piano)

Christmas Party for your "small" TNT Group!

Hello everybody!  I know this is a super busy time of the year for all of you, but, we would love to have our "small group" TNT members, YOU, to our home.  Nothing warms your home more than friends at Christmas time.  I know this will most likely be a conflict for some, but it is the only night that we have open. Even if you come late or stop by for just a few minutes as people are arriving, we would LOVE to have you!

Who:  La Porte/Baytown and Area Members
Mathilda and Joseph Alphonse, Gwen and Tim Dotson, Sandra and Mark Kincaid, Maggie and Keith Marcion, Lori Adame, Brenda and Wade Davis, Yadira and Edwin Hinojosa, Yvonne and Randy Lout, Elizabeth and Rick Sanders, Deidre and Neil Escareno, Dianne and Lobo Del Sol

What:  Christmas Party for Gary and Donna Madden's TNT (Together In Triumph) "small group".

When:  Thursday, December 19 at 7:00

Where:  10023 Rustic Gate Road, La Porte, Texas  77571  Please text or call to let us know if you plan to come.  281-222-3423 or Gary, 281-222-3924

Please bring 2 or 3 servings of dessert or a little something sweet for a sweet ending.

Hope you are able to come.  So anxious for us all to meet each other and kick off our small group.

"making the season a little brighter."

YOU are invited!!

A few friends from The Church Triumphant:  Basilio and Anna Calvar, Justin and Lisa Davis, Jennifer Villagram, Nate and Crystal Dehoyos, Juan and Tonya Herrera, Cheryl Kehanek, Robert and Shelly Toney, Bro. and Sis. Lopez and Jason and Kimberly Sciscoe!

A little get together to warm our home with friends we love and want to get to know a little better.  The holidays are just not the same without friends and apple cider.

Monday, December 16, 7:00

Gary & Donna Madden's Home, 10023 Rustic Gate Road, La Porte, Texas  77571 281-222-3423 or 281-222-3924  Please text if you are able to come. 

Please bring a sample of a little something sweet for a sweet ending.  Not a whole dessert, just a couple of servings.

Hope you make it!