Friday, October 31, 2014

Creamy Loves

Day 29:

Austin , La Porte, Sugarland, Pasadena jobs, working at Pier One for a season, filling in for our band organist, working as Ladies Director at our church, going to college and trying to be a good mother, meme, wife, cook and housekeeper just gets a bit overwhelming these days.  SO, if I seem a bit crazy, show up at the wrong time, forget what day of the week it is, etc. etc. please give me a break.  I think I am indeed a bit on overload.  What a time to commit to writing every night in October of all times!  lol  The truth is, I write in my blog for myself and for the great  & great great grandchildren I will never know.  And, just in case someone else just may drop in and find what I do interesting enough to follow and glean something along the way, I am very happy.

Having my children late in life, means if I meet my great great grandchildren, I will most likely not even realize who I am, much less who they are.  Lol  So, we will make this life the best we can be and just keep pressing towards the mark.

I am thankful I gave the best years of my life 24/7 to the work of God pioneering 2 churches with my preacher husband, pastoring several others and traveling full time preaching in churches all over this nation and in Canada.

I love photos that inspire.  Here are a few I will share with you tonight.  Enjoy!


how sweet!

\♥/♥\♥/ Ralph Lauren Home

best pic ever on pinterest.  someone had a great camera..and..the little dog is adorable.


Have a blessed day!
Hope you enjoyed some of my creamy photos from my Pinterest boards.