Monday, October 06, 2014

Eclectic Sunday

Day Five:

Yesterday:  I detailed my little VW Beetle and did a little decor in it.  Just had to buy a couple of fresh things for it and I am feeling happy.

While working on the car:  My granddaughter, Abbey loved playing outside.  She found some things to play with in our garage.  It is no telling what you can find in there.  

She found a pull toy that once belonged to her Daddy as a boy, a book for dummies, markers and some black beans that I once used to fill a glass vase for a candle.

8 a.m. this morning:  So arriving for band practice to play the organ 30 minutes early.  Ok, my fault,  I did not click the accept button on planning center and the band leader did not want to bother by texting me since he thought I would not be there.

While waiting for 8:30 rehearsal:  Lovely wonderful weather, Starbucks coffee and a nice conversation with my Mom started my day. 

Couldn't help but capture this shot this morning as I was waiting for practice and talking to my Mom.

Finally!  Cool enough to start wearing boots.

Later today:  For my internship for college (one final class in the Spring giving me 5 certifications), I worked for 4 hours at Pier One.  We have had a contest for the month of October and as of yesterday, October 4, I was the first one to make to the Halloween Party.  LOL  and they have been feeding me candy treats for every Pier 1 Rewards card I get and surveys I get from customers.  So, needless to say, I think I may be putting on a few pounds due to my success.  lol Actually loving this job lasting for my one semester.  I love people and helping them with their needs.

That's me in the orange and black whatever that is.  ha

Enjoyed some prime family time tonight, with Hannah and her fiance', Blake.  

Now:  Finishing off the night by updating my "to do" list and catching up on emails.  

This coming week:  Meeting with 2 clients this week.  

We will end with a short blog post of inspiration you may enjoy.  Good night and looking forward to meeting you here again tomorrow night. : )