Sunday, October 05, 2014

Keep It Fresh

Day Four:

The last time visiting my mother in Alexandria, Louisiana, I snapped this photo.  My mother is the queen of "fresh".  

When entering her home you are greeted by this warm stately lady, tall and still pretty.  Most likely there is a roast she has prepared for you, with fresh creamed potatoes and gravy, fresh green beans, french bread and a nice dessert, usually a pound cake.

This photo is just a small example of her clean, organized, uncluttered home.  She is really good about getting rid of things.  That's a plus.  Too many things will just bring unnecessary weight to your life and a burden.  

My favorite place at my mother's is her freshly made up beds with ironed pillow cases, soft sheets and clean air.  There is usually something nice to read beside the bed and a lamp.

I wrote a blog post when first beginning to blog some time back on fresh touches for the home.  For more on this subject, I hope you'll click here for some "fresh" ideas.

Have a great Sunday tomorrow.  

This is my mother in her newly decorated room I did for her.