Monday, October 16, 2006

Fresh Touches for the Home

One of my yahoo group members asked the question to our group:
"How can I make my home feel more like a home? I would like ideas on decorating,

I think a lot of us strive to make our house a home. In spite of all of the beautiful decorating ideas, I really think we make our house a home when we add the "fresh touches" it needs to acquire that real "at home" feeling.

Here are some "fresh touch ideas" I have found that I think you will enjoy using. I have listed a few.

Scented candles that you light and really use. My all time most favorite is Vanilla/Orange by Trapps.

A pretty container with sharpened pencils, eraser end down.

Fresh flowers.

Clear glass canisters with food open in sight. For example: breakfast cereal, homemade cookies, candy.

Smooth jazz music playing in a freshly cleaned room.

A bowl of fresh fruit on your kitchen counter or a small platter on your coffee table with green apples.

Current magazines on your coffee table or a place near a seating area.

Something cooking or baking that smells wonderful.

Freshly ironed pillow cases.

Freshly made ice tea in the refrigerator with a clear glass bowl of slice lemons beside it. (covered with clear wrap)

Remember that the woman generally sets the tone in the home. If you stay kind to yourself, you will find yourself treating others kindly. Our attitude towards our home and our care for it, will reflect in all the small things we do. Fresh touches are ways we can bring life in our homes. It’s the small things that really make the biggest difference.