Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Internet Glitch!

Day Six:

This summer has been filled with sunshine and dark clouds followed by heavy rains.  Short and sweet then back to our sunny beautiful blue skies and huge white clouds.

During one of those dark, dark clouds followed by thunder and heavy rain, so went our internet.  The repair techs are there today and Gary and I are working at Starbucks.  He especially is extremely dependent on internet with his business.

1> I will be going to my La Porte job this afternoon to do some measuring and prep for the contractors on how and where to put a new kitchen island.  This was the house I mentioned in a first post.  Kellie is so much fun to work with.  She has some good wit and so laid back.

2> Just scheduled a trip to Austin for next week to work some more on a design job with my sister in law, Jan.  Her home is drop dead gorgeous and it is about to be even more beautiful, if that is possible!  Can't wait to get to my favorite part....styling!

3> I am looking forward to this Friday as I go to a client from last year and prep his home for a huge party coupled with a band, chef and all the fixings.  This Norway transplant is a super interesting guy and his entire family is now special people in my life.