Sunday, October 15, 2017

Day 14: Zapped

I yi yi!  Started to bed and remembered I needed to write tonight.  Super tired from a busy Saturday.

So here goes a shorty.  Just a quicky on today's ventures:

We are blessed with my hubby's family of brothers and sisters who try to get together as often as possible.  Shelley, the next to the youngest of the sisters was out of town. But while Rod and Jan WERE in town, we had lunch with all of them.  Our son, Aaron also joined us today.  There is a brand new Chuy's Mexican Restaurant in our area and so it was the choice of the day.

While eating at Chuy's I had a previous client contact me to help with the design of their patio.  I had a few hours before my next commitment and decided to make a quick trip to view the space, do some measuring, snap some pics and help her husband pick out the perfect stain for a custom TV cabinet just completed.  We are looking forward to this mini makeover for them.

Arriving at 6:00 for tonight's concert again tonight, the staff was all there getting in their positions to support the many guest already in line to enter the building.  It was another exciting night with guest band/singers and ministry.  We baptized again I think around 50 more people tonight.  I did not get the official count yet.  I loved the opportunity to work with those getting baptized in the outdoors set up and reaching out to these people who were hungry for more of God in their lives.

Even one of the food truck guys wants to come to our church as they are so happy with the business we gave them and the warmness of our people.  BTW, the food was totally awesome on both trucks!

 95% of this crown does not attend our church.

Not pictured, Lobo Del Sol, Dianne's husband, taking the photo.

Good Night.  Happy Sunday!