Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Day 27:

My day started with a good breakfast at yes, my fav place, La Porte's El Ranchero.  I think I figured out why their pancake syrup taste so good.  Somehow it has something in it that resembles the taste of their pralines they also sell. And, they are wonderful, when you allow yourself to have one!

Then, 3 hours of college lecture on Commercial Design!

Off 2 hours, then to my internship job.  Loving it all the way as they allowed me to do what I do best...design some displays for them.  Pier One has some fabulous beautiful items.  With Christmas easing it's way in, the store just keeps getting more beautiful every time you enter the doors.  I am most happy that this semester job is only 10 minutes from my home which makes it super convenient.

Couldn't help but get a shot of my favorite shoes.  Skirt from Target's!

This is my hubby, Gary.  He is really a lot happier than he looks in this pic.  : )

A shot of inside the restaurant.

Inspired spaces at Pier One Imports:  Let me tell you how I can help you shop as a designer for free.

Stay beautiful!