Friday, October 07, 2016

Day Six: Seeds in Your Day

This has been one of those days that to make October awesome, it will be partly because of some good seeds planted.

Not everyday is a rip roaring wonder full of obvious greatness.  We just know that when we are doing what is right, investing in our days and in the lives of others, it is a cinch that life will produce all in good time.

It is comforting that you don't have to not stress out and worry, but just be assured that when you have planted some good seeds in your day, everything WILL be ALL RIGHT.

Just what could good seeds be???  Here are a few:

  • Investing time in your passion
  • Taking care of your body
  • Doing something kind for someone you love
  • Planning for some days to come
  • Planting seeds into your spiritual life for example some time set aside to fast, read a book that encourages your spiritual growth, time listening to wholesome uplifting music, etc.

In my younger days, I had to work on scheduling and working to develop good habits.  We never stop growing.  Every now and then we must evaluate, assess and adjust.  The best habit of all is to guard your thoughts.  I like something I read once, 

"Your thoughts determine your actions, Your actions determine your habits, Your habits determine your character, Your character determines your future."

Thanks for stopping by.  See you tomorrow night!